56 Adorably Cute Halloween Dog Costumes

October 31, 2017 — by Carol Reddy0



56 Adorably Cute Halloween Dog Costumes

October 31, 2017 — by Carol Reddy0

Are you ready for Halloween?

Halloween is the perfect time of year to show off how adorable your dog looks in a costume.

Since dogs in Halloween costumes are SO adorable, we decided to make a list of the 56 top adorable dog Halloween costumes.

Enjoy the cuteness!

1| Who could believe that Archer is actually a dog?!

Archer Dog Halloween Costume

Someone needs to keep the streets safe on Halloween…

2 | This bulldog means business

Army Bulldog Costume

Reporting for Halloween sir yes sir!

3 | This little dog is going bananas for Halloween

Dog n Banana Halloween Costume

And he goes bananas, goes goes bananas!

4 | A doggy foot-stool 

Beauty and the Beast foot-stool dog

For when your feet are tired from Trick or Treating.

5 | Bob Marley or a Boston Terrier? 

Bob Marley Dog Costume

Definitely Bob Marley…

6 | When Super Mario characters come to life. 

Super Mario Bowser Dog Costume

How could Bowser not come out for Halloween?

7 | The undefeated boxing boxer!

Boxing boxer dog

Hopefully he doesn’t KO from eating too much candy…

8 | Classic last minute bunny ear costume

Bunny ear dog costume

This little bunny will definitely be hopped up on sugar!

9 | Fairy God Mother is that you?

Fairy princess dog costume

I wonder what Halloween wishes this fairy is granting…

10 | Captain Dachshund is on his way to the Halloween party

Boat Captain dog costume

Showing up in style.

11 | That’s one BUG-tastic costume!

Caterpillar dog costume

If he goes to sleep will he wake up as a butterfly?

12 | PRESENTING…Cerberus the three-headed dog!

Cerberus dog costume

Or is it Fluffy from Harry Potter?!

13 | Kiss me!

Chocolate Kiss dog costume

Who said chocolate was bad for dogs!?  It is though…


Panda Dog

Hopefully the paint comes off!

15 | Officer Down!

Dog Cop Costume

We’re gonna need some back up.

16 | Count Dachula

Count Dracula dog costume

Don’t worry, he doesn’t really bite.

17 | YEE HA!

Cowboy dog costume

Welcome to the Wild Wild West

18 | CraYOLO

Dog Crayon halloween costume

Yellow doens’t look like the sharpest crayon in the box.

19 | Trick Or Treat?

Cupcake Dog Costume

I’ll go with treat…

20 | Jurassic Bark

Dinosaur dog costume

Don’t worry.  He’s an herbivore.

21 | Doctor Pug

Doctor Dog costume

We need to operate!

22 | Einsten

Einstein dog costume

E = MC squared!

23 | Chewie

Ewok dog costume

Where’s Han Solo!?

24 | Frenchie Fries

Frenchie Fries dog costume

Make that a large.

25 | G-Dog

Gangster Dog costume

Wassup DAWG!?

26 | These grapes are terrier-ific!

Grapes dog costume

He doesn’t look like he agrees.

27 | Expecto Patronum!

Harry Potter dog costume

He even has the scar!

28 | The Headless Dogman

Headless Horse Man dog costume

He’s scared of bridges and vacuum cleaners.

29 | Giddy Up!

Horse dog costume

You probably shouldn’t try to ride him though…

30 | Hunting Dog

Hunting dog costume

Where the cats at?

31 | You wanna know how I got these scars?

Joker Dog costume

It’s actually tomato sauce.

32 | Leggo My Puppy!

Leggo dog costume

Just imagine the possibilities…

33 | Simba?!

Lion dog costume

King of…the neighborhood.

34 | You’ve got mail!

Dog mailman costume

Does this mean he barks at himself?!

35 | Mamma Mia!

Mario and Luigi dog costumes

Saving the princess seems like a lot of work.  Let’s just sit down here…

36 | Martini?

Dog martini costume

It’s low cal!

37 | Mariachi Dogs!

Mexican band dog costumes

Not sure if he can hold the maracas.

38 | Minion!

Minion dog costume

One minion, two minion, three minion, four…

39 | Ninja Turtle-Dogs?

Dog ninja turtle costumes

Where’s Leonardo!?

40 | Pinata Dog

Pinata dog costume

Sorry, no candy here.  Please don’t hit the dog!

41 | Arggg

Dog pirate costume

This here be a robbery!  Give me all your candy or I’ll make yee walk the plank!

42 | Poop Emoji

Dog poop emoji costume

You are what you eat!


Dog princess costume

Prince Charming is gonna love her!

45 | Bath time!

Dog loofah costume

Don’t forget your loofah!

46 | Jaws

Dog shark costume

Everyone out of the water!

47 | Skele-dog

Skeleton dog

So, is that technically an exo-skeleton?

48 | Smores!

Dog smores costume

Heavy on the marshmellow.

49 | Star-pug

Starbucks dog costume

I’ll take a Grande please…

50 | Super Dog!

Superman dog costume

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

51 | Sushi dog

Sushi dog costume

Not for human consumption…

52 | A real life Teddy Bear!

Teddy bear dog costume

Can’t tell where the bear stops and the dog begins!

53 | Rolling on the floor laughing!

Dog tootsie roll costumes

Don’t let them eat themselves!

54 | Uni…pitbull

Dog unicorn costume

He doesn’t seem to happy about it though…

55 | Venus Dog-Trap

Dog Venus fly trap costume

Eats flies…and cats.

56 | Bully Mammoth!

Woolly Mammoth dog costume

Scientists thought they were extincted!  They thought wrong…

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