113 Cute Puppies That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

August 28, 2017 — by Carol Reddy0



113 Cute Puppies That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

August 28, 2017 — by Carol Reddy0

Ever been out and about when suddenly someone walking a ridiculously cute puppy appears? It happens ALL the time, cute puppies are everywhere! Seeing cute puppies will always leaves a positive lasting impression on your day.

Everyone loves cute puppies, they are fun, adorable, and actually really beneficial for your psychical and mental health.  Owning a dog or even seeing cute puppies is proven to increase happiness and lower levels of stress. No wonder why dogs are considered mans best friend…

Whats next best to seeing cute puppies in person? Looking up cute puppy pictures!

With that said we decided you deserve to see as many cute puppies as possible. So, here are 113 of the most adorable puppies we could find!

Enjoy their overbearing cuteness!

  1. French Bulldogs are perfect companions and coincidentally perfect dogs to dress up as a seal. Look at those cute puppy flippers! You cant go wrong dressing up cute puppies in cute cute puppy costumes.

Cute French Bulldog Puppy

2. Pugs are too cute to not be treated like royalty, and this little guy is surely living the life.  A pug sleeping in a bed with pillow cases covered in MORE pugs? How does this picture get any more adorable.

Cute Pug

3. Have your friends ever covered you in sand while you were at the beach? if so you can relate to how this Dachshund puppy is feeling. But it looks like hes enjoying himself though, maybe hes just trying to cool off on a hot summer day.

Adorable Dachshund puppy

4. Looks like this little guy couldn’t quite make it to his bed for nap time. But he did make sure to bring his stuffed teddy bear, what a cutie!

Adorable tired puppy

5. What a cute bulldog puppy with even cuter wrinkles! I wonder what delicious treat hes begging for…

Bulldog puppy

6. Ugh oh looks like someone got into their dads shoes again! But who could be mad at this adorable German Shepherd puppy? He probably just wants to go on a walk.

German Shepherd puppy

7. Now whats cuter than a puppy that can fit in the palm of your hand? All those darn adorable spots that’s what! No two Dalmatians have the same spots, they can vary in size shape and color.

Cute tiny Dalmatian puppy

8. Its a pug take over! They are one of the cutest, funniest breeds, especially when you dress them up for a beach party. Where did he get those pineapple sunglasses? I need a pair. Looks like puppies in costumes may be what sets certain trends…

Pug on the Beach

9.  I bet you didn’t think dogs wore sleep masks but it is clearly very important to this adorable pup. He must have had a long day, its very tiring being a lovable dog.

Sleepy puppy

10.  Often people eat watermelons as a tasty snack on hot summer days, but many people don’t know that dogs can eat watermelons and they LOVE it! Look at that adorable smile  after taking a delicious bite.

Puppy loves watermelon

11. Even though puppies have sharp teeth that really hurt we still let them chew on our fingers, why? Because its ADORABLE. Who doesn’t love a little love nibble from a heartwarming puppy. Look hes even holding her hand!

Cute puppy

12. Tea sets are adorable and dainty collective items prized by many, but if you have a puppy that can fit inside a teacup you’re the true winner. How can something be so small? The cuteness is too much to handle.

Puppy in teacup

13. Surprise! You’ve got Corgi mail. I would cry if i thought i was going to the mail to get a bill and instead got to see this adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but how did those big ears fit inside a mailbox?

Corgi puppy

14. These three little puppy musketeers must have been up to something to be this tired. What were they doing and why are they sleeping in a hammock? I guess that doesn’t matter since they are SO darn precious. They cant do wrong with such beautiful glowing eyes and coats.

Napping puppies

15. This is too much cuteness in one picture. A Dachshund stuffed teddy bear?! Hes so adorable he would blend right in with all the other toys.

Dachshund puppy

16. Looks like this puppy got caught red handed OR is playing a fun game of peek a boo. Either way he is as white and fluffy as a cloud and therefore innocent in my book.

Surprise puppy

17. Fluffy Pomeranian in a rainbow dog pool filled with rubber duckies? The only thing better than this would be TWO Pomeranian’s in a rainbow dog pool filled with rubber duckies.

Fluffy puppy

18. These two Frenchies must be partners in crime! They look too innocent to just be getting ready to take a nap, By the looks on their faces I bet they just stole some dog treats.

Cute French Bulldogs

19. Even dogs love going to the beach and soaking up some sun. There’s nothing cuter than a shiny golden Chihuahua on the beach. Don’t forget to put some dog friendly sunscreen on those big pointy ears though!

Chihuahua on the beach

20. The beagle is an American favorite due to their intelligence and kind nature.

These dogs have an incredible sense of smell which explains their upbeat personality.

Not only are they loved for their personalities beagles have beautiful variety of coat colors and HUGE floppy adorable ears–not to mention a rather big forehead, giving them the name Apple Head Chihuahua.

Beagle puppy

21. Nothing is cuter than a dog dressed up in footie pajamas, other than a dog sleeping in footie pajamas. If you own a Golden Retriever we might have just given you an idea for some adorable pictures.

Sleepy Golden Retriever

22. Watch out! This dog is one hell of a stud. He even has Starbucks?! How can a dog be so cool.

Cool Dog

23. Bubbles bubbles bubbles and more bubbles AND a puppy! This cute Labrador Retriever sure knows how to have fun. I wonder if he likes the taste of bubbles though…

Labrador puppy playing

24. Someone had a RUFF weekend…Pugs are too cute when they sleep, they turn into little humans!

Tired Pug

25. Delivery! Did someone order a cute puppy in a basket? Those big fluffy ears must go crazy when they’re blowing in the wind. It looks like this little guy is nice and cozy, look at his little cute paw pressed up against the basket! AWWW!

Puppy in a basket

26. A cute Labrador Retriever puppy wearing a hat having difficulty getting down stairs? COME ON. Talk about adorable. It looks like this little pup is determined and on a mission though!

Cute Labrador puppy

27. Watching a cute Cavalier King Charles Cocker Spaniel puppy struggle to get food that is NOT his must be one of the most adorable things ever. These are generally healthy breads so it makes sense he wants a sweet treat. Look at the focus on that cupcake, you can see how bad he wants it. Hes even putting up his cute little paw trying to reach it.

King Charles Cocker Spaniel

28. Who knew a puppy could be so fluffy… It wouldn’t be hard mistaking this fur ball for a snow ball. Besides the fact this snowball walks and has a face.

Fluffy Puppy

29. MY HEART.  This has to be one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen. A special little Chihuahua that knows how adorable she is, and is making sure you see her beautiful heart pattern on her fur. Imagine getting this dog on Valentines Day?

Adorable Chihuahua puppy

30. Dun dun nu nu here comes superdog! Hes so cute he doesn’t even need a superman cape.

As you can see, this particular Chihuahua has a thinner face, pointy ears, and a smaller forehead, ultimately giving it the name Deer Head Chihuahua.

Happy Puppy

31. That look when you know you’re eating something you shouldn’t… But I don’t think this pug necessarily cares about his calorie intake, that doughnut does look delicious! Where did he get it though?

Fat Pug

32. Cute puppies sure do love human food, especially sweet treats! This Golden Retriever pup is just too cute as she enjoys some delicious ice cream with her family. She even has a bandanna, how precious!

Golden Retriever puppy with ice cream

33. Not all dogs enjoy bath time, maybe because they don’t have a luxurious tub like this French Bulldog. It looks like all the cares of the world were just washed off him. Too adorable.

French Bulldog Bathtime

34. A Pug that has his own suitcase to nap in? Where did this little guy come from he must be jet lagged. But how can a suitcase be so darn cute! He even has pictures of his dog friends. One thing for sure is you will calm down if you hug a pug!

Funny Pug

35. Huskies are an amazing breed, they are truly talented and beautiful dogs. This puppy has an AMAZING coat, the markings around his eyes makes him look like a bandit wearing a mask! But i’m sure hes only full of love and kisses.

Beautiful Husky puppy

36. How tiny do you think this little guy is? Adult Dachshunds on average weigh between 16 and 33 pounds, so imagine how small this little guy is! He probably fits right in the palm of your hand. Dachshunds are particularly adorable and funny, especially since they look like hot dogs.

Tiny Dachshund puppy

37. Dog down we’ve got a dog down! Someone exerted themselves a little too much while playing at the beach. This white fluff ball needed to cool down deep in the sand.

Tired puppy in sand

38. Corgis are small bundles of joy and with their large prominent ears they are cute on their own. But this cute puppy decided to make our hearts scream “AWWW” by deciding to bring his favorite toy with him everywhere he goes.

Corgi puppy

39. Long haired Wheaten Terriers have a lot of energy and LOVE snuggling up next to you at the end of the day. But luckily this breed doesn’t shed a lot so they are able to cuddle up with you in bed. Look at how happy this puppy is in her owners bed, that face says “relaxation”.

Sleepy long haired Wheaten Terrier

40. Adventure time! Look at the smile on that adorable Golden Retriever, he must really love being out on water enjoying quality time with his owner. I hope he has his doggy life jacket!

Adventurous Golden Retriever

41. Now that is the look of a Chihuahua who doesn’t have any intentions on leaving where he is laying. What a cutie it looks like hes smirking!

Funny Chihuahua

42. Whats cuter than an exhausted puppy napping on the beach wearing some cool sun glasses, this guy has style!

Puppy on beach

43.  No one loves playing in a pile of leaves more than an adorable German Shepherd puppy on a fall day. The beautiful changing colors of the fall leaves are similar to the unique color patterns of German Shepherds coats.

German Shepherd

44.  Nothing beats a cute puppy cuddling with their favorite stuffed animal. Especially when that puppy is a French Bulldog and the stuffed animal is a pig, two of the cutest animals ever. Look at both of their adorable smiles and pretty coat colors.

Cute French Bulldog puppy

45.  Did someone say room service? Whether or not shes at a spa or in her living room this princess of a puppy knows how to relax. Hopefully those blueberry banana chocolate covered pancakes are for her owner though…

Spa Puppy

46.  Thought cats only curled up in weird places? Think again. This adorably cute and small Corgi puppy has found a cozy spot for her nap.

Cute Corgi puppy sleeping

47.  Bernese Mountain Dogs look like lovable life size teddy bears and are playful companions. But I wonder if this puppy is telling her owner where to go, OR just giving them a high paw! Either way she is adorable, fluffy, and oh so sweet.

Cute Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

48.  I cant tell whether this dog naturally looks scared or just really wants to jump out of this frog costume! Cute puppies in costumes is always fun to look at, but not every dog understands whats happening. Looks like this little guy is confused, BUT adorable.

Cute puppy in costume

49. Ice cream is SO delicious on a hot summer day, you can actually see in these puppies eyes how much they love it! Nice team work ladies, but don’t eat all mommy’s ice cream!

Chihuahua puppies

50.  We all know if you own a dog you’re bound to wake up, walk down your stairs, and see your puppy waiting for you. There are no better ways to start your day than seeing your best friend at the bottom on the stairs. You can see the excitement in this German Shepherd pups eyes, what a sweet girl.

German Shepherd puppy

51.  SURPRISE, we left a huge mess in the kitchen for you! Partners in crime, these Beagle puppies were definitely up to no good. But they’re too cute to get in any ACTUAL trouble.

Happy Beagle puppies

52. Someone is hungry and doesn’t want to wait any longer. Dogs usually bark or run around your feet to remind you its time for their dinner. But this little guy has a secret weapon up his sleeve, pure cuteness. Even if it wasn’t time to feed this adorable Labrador Retriever puppy, how could you say no if he did this?

Adorable Labrador Retriever puppy

53. Move out of the way, puppy driving! Hes doing such a good job balancing on the steering wheel, it even looks like hes giving us a little smirk. Cool car little guy, drive safe.

French Bulldog puppy driving

54. We all know what its like to get into a food coma, but this adorable Beagle puppy pushed his limits and ended up passing out in his food bowl. Napping puppies are already adorable so this is too much cuteness to handle. Nap on little buddy!

Sleepy puppy

55.  I never thought id see a such a cute French Bulldog looking like a mime out for a coffee. Hes even siting upright with his paws on the table just like a person.

Cute French Bulldog

56. Bluenose Pitbull puppies are as cute as it gets, and also one of the more popular pitbull breeds. Their name is based off the beautiful blue tone of their soft fur. But not all bluenose pitbull puppies will have a blue nose, they can often be red.

Bluenose Pitbull Puppy

57. Whats cuter than a puppy in a purse? A puppy SLEEPING in a purse. Especially when that puppy is a Golden Retriever, known for being one of the most popular breeds.

Sleeping puppy

58. I don’t know what is more cute, the puppy or the way he is sleeping. Even though it looks really abnormal, a lot of dogs sleep with their legs out like a frog.

Sleeping French Bulldog

59. Its not strange for a ladybug to land on someone, but ive never seen one on a puppy before! A ladybug landing on you is considered to be good luck, so I bet this cute puppy had an awesome day.

Ladybug on Puppy

60. People love dogs that are fluffy and adorable which is exactly what you get with the Schnauzer. These cute puppies are known for their bearded snout and big smiles!

Schnauzer puppies

61. I guess steering wheels are perfect pillows for dogs, this Golden Retriever puppy sure does look comfortable.

Sleeping Golden Retriever

62. Beagles are known to have a heightened sense of smell, making them a very curious breed. This little guy probably smells all the other cute puppies of the world and wants to go meet up to play.

Adorable Beagle puppy

63. Labrador Retrievers are naturally playful dogs that are amazing with kids, but this dog figured it was his turn to play on the swing set.

Labrador Retriever playing

64. Bathing your dog can be a difficult task, there are so many factors! How often should I bathe my dog? How much shampoo should I use? Where do I bathe them? But luckily this Golden Retriever puppy seems pretty happy with her bubbly bath

Golden Retriever Puppy Bath time

65. Nothing beats a man with style, and this stud definitely knows his fashion. That sweater and those eyes are possibly two of the cutest things ever. A cute puppy in a sweater is a direct path to my heart.

French Bulldog in Sweater

66. Nothing beats having a huge cozy bed and a cute puppy to cuddle in it with. Especially when that puppy is as beautiful as this little guy, i could stare into those dreamy eyes forever.

Beautiful coated puppy

67. Some puppies are better swimmers than others, but this little lady is a natural born swimmer! She cant wait to jump right back in and paddle away.

Cute Corgi

68. Nothing is more adorable than a fluffy sun kissed puppy dressed up in an alien costume. But it gets better when that alien is Stitch from the science fiction drama film Lilo and Stitch. Cute puppies in costumes are always winners in my book.

Cute puppy in costume

69. One sleeping puppy, two sleeping puppies, three sleeping puppies! They all look so cozy and warm, you can tell by the big smiles they all have.

Sleeping puppies

70. Whats more precious than a fluffy ball of joy holding flower? Soft cute puppies bringing you flowers!

Puppy with flower

71. Pomeranian’s are already eye catching due to their fluffy golden fur, but this guy knows how to draw some real attention. I wonder if he was trained or born with a natural talent…

Funny Pomeranian

72. I think its clear to say this dog is in heaven. Who wouldn’t want to be kicked back on an empty beach soaking up some sun?

Puppy on beach

73. Goodness gracious looks like someone got into grandmas jewelry. Fortunately this adorable Dachshund puppy has good taste and picked out a pair of beautiful shoes to compliment those pearls.

Pretty Dachshund puppy

74. Someone is either really well behaved or scared of what ever is under that chair! Either way how adorable is this fluffy puppy, her coat looks like the sky during a thunderstorm.

Adorable puppy

75. Life cant get any better for this cute puppy. Being wrapped up in those blankets like a warm burrito must feel like hes sleeping on cloud nine.

Sleeping puppy

76. Make way for the Princess of all Pugs! This lucky lady is living life to the fullest with that luxurious bed. Shes seems so lovable, but doesn’t look the happiest… maybe the princess woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Princess Pug

77. Nothing melts my heart more than a cute puppy laying in a small box. Especially when that adorable puppy looks like a stuffed animal you want to cuddle with every night.

Fluffy Puppy

78. If I was a dog id always play with leaves, it just looks like so much fun. Beagles have a strong sense of smell, its no wonder why he loves seasonal changes so much.

Happy Beagle

79. Cute puppies always seem to be sleeping, and always have new sleeping positions. While quite odd and funny, this German Shepherd puppy must have had a long exciting day to have passed out like this.

Sleeping German Shepherd puppy

80. They’re now giving away puppies with any purchase of popcorn? When and where can I get one, and does the size of the dog depend on the size of popcorn I order?

Puppy Popcorn

81. Now I know any puppy that has a toy automatically is ridiculously cute, BUT this Golden Retriever puppy takes home the gold metal. He has his own Golden Retriever best friend cute puppy stuffed animal, how adorable!

Golden Retriever Best Friends

82. What a big puppy stretch! Out of all dogs Dalmatians deserve to have a good stretch here and there. They are hard working dogs and known as the firehouse mascot.


83. These Bulldog puppies sure love giving out smooches. But who would ever turn down kisses from cute puppies anyways?

American Bulldog puppies

84. Samoyed’s are one of the worlds oldest dog breeds, which might explain their pure beauty. They’re like a fluffy white cloud that is always smiling, and giving high fives.

Samoyed puppy

85. If you ever wanted a horse but couldn’t get one because they’re HUGE then the next best thing is a Great Dane. Despite their loving nature these massive dogs were originally bread to hunt boars. Be careful though, these puppies wont stay small for long!

Great Dane puppy

86. Puppies and bows are the recipe for the perfect present, and this little girl is bound to bring tears to her new owners eyes. Anyone would love receiving a  Catahoula Leopard dog as a present, they are a prized breed, being the state dog of Louisiana.

Catahoula Leopard puppy

87.  No one can turn down a cute puppy bringing you a stick to play, especially when that puppy is a beautiful fluffy German Shepherd. He looks so proud of himself, that is a pretty big stick!

German Shepherd

88. Golden Retrievers love swimming so its no surprise that this cute puppy didn’t waste any time jumping right in. Luckily hes not swimming through deep waters because he doesn’t have his life jacket.

Golden Retriever

89. Someone loves getting their tummy rubbed…By the look on his face I bet he could stay there all day.

Bluenose Pit bull Puppy

90. Rottweilers are known for being superb obedience dogs, but they also are quite playful. This cute puppy obviously wants to play and is ready to pounce!

Rottweiler puppy

91. Fluffy, chubby, adorable puppies play fighting is just what you needed to see to make your day. Puppies play fighting is actually  a healthy process of their social development.

Fluffy puppies

92. Delivery from an adorably cute Pug puppy dressed up as a UPS man. Cute puppies in costumes will always melt your heart, especially when their costume gives them extra arms.

Pug in Costume

93. Well someone is a very special pinked out puppy! She even has her hair brushed and in a pony tail, what a little princess, she is obviously immensely loved.

Princess puppy

94. Some dogs behave better than others when they’re in a crate, but at the end of the day they ALL just want to get out! Chew away little guy, but I don’t think you’ll get very far…

Angry puppy

95. Seeing cute puppies dressed up in baby clothes is just too much to handle. Especially when they decide to sit like people and stare deep into your soul.

Adorable French Bulldog

96. Everyone needs a cuddle buddy, and this precious Dachshund puppy chose a stuffed animal bunny. Hes even holding it while he sleeps, talk about best friends.

Sleeping Dachshund

97. I didn’t know a banana could make a Golden Retriever puppy so happy. Bananas are actually okay for dogs to eat (in moderation) as treats!

Hungry Golden Retriever

98. Now that’s a puppy in paradise. I barley even noticed this white fluff ball against the white sheets. Sleep tight!

Sleepy puppy

99. Everyone loves a cute wrinkly dog, they are just extra lovable for some reason. The Shar Pei is one of the most wrinkliest yet clean breeds.

Cute Shar Pei

100. Poofy, pink, driving, and adorable, this cute puppy is on a mission. She probably wants to show off her cute outfit to her dog friends.

Driving puppy

101. I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger smile on such a cute puppy before. Either this Golden Retriever is REALLY happy, or she has horrible allergies and is about to sneeze from all those pretty flowers behind her.

Happy Golden Retriever

102. Never have I ever seen a cuter hat on such a cute puppy. It looks like someone is about to have a full day of fun summer activities.

French Bulldog Puppie

103. Pugs are already adorable puppies, but when you add a flower crown they become true queens!

Flower Pug

104. Puppies are cute there’s no doubt about that, and puppies are even cuter when they’re sleeping. But CUDDLING puppies are just too adorable.

Sleeping Best Friend Puppies

105. If your dog has long enough hair why not give her some cute pony tails! I’m sure shell know how fabulous she looks.

Ponytail Puppy

106. Bloodhounds are adorable puppies that naturally have a sad droopy look to them, but they are actually very sweet and active! They have an amazing sense of smell and are commonly used for tracking.

Bloodhound Puppy

107. This puppy is glowing from the sun and seems pretty fascinated with sand, the beach just calls to certain dogs!

Sun bathing Labrador

108. That look you give your mom when you’re in bed but don’t want to go to sleep…

Sleepy Puppy

109. This chocolate Labrador Retriever is just too cute playing with a soccer ball. He might not be a good player but he definitely knows how to bite a ball! Although his chocolate coat is beautiful and glows in the sun, it is not the only color coat a Labrador Retriever can have.

Playful Chocolate Labrador Retriever

110. Cute puppies like to stop and smell flowers too! Dogs have noses that are 40 times stronger than humans, so those flowers must smell amazing!

Golden Retriever with Flowers

111. Now this picture is too much cuteness in one photo. Cute puppies in costumes is one thing, but a cute PUG dressed up as a bear, WITH a teddy bear is just out of this world cute.

Funny Pug Puppy

112. Puppies seem to be bundles of fur with endless amounts of energy. But just like us they get tired too and sometimes need a quick nap. But im betting this cute puppy will have some crazy bed head after she wakes up from her snooze.

Tired Puppy

113.  Who knew that a cute puppy and a beautiful butterfly could be friends. If a butterfly lands on a person they automatically become excited and think “how did I get so lucky”. I’m sure that this adorable Labrador Retriever is as fascinated with butterflies as we are!

Friendly Labrador Retriever

Now that you’ve seen 113 cute puppies don’t you feel better?

Puppies are truly magical when it comes to the love they make us feel. But you cant always be surrounded by adorable puppies dressed up in cute costumes now can you? Unless you work at a pet store on Halloween…

No matter the breed, size, color, or age ALL dogs are able to give you a love like no other.

We hope you enjoyed seeing all these cute puppies.  Do you have anything to add about cute puppies?  Comment below…


Carol Reddy

Hi, I'm Carol Reddy, Founder and Editor of CommonPaw and Pawthentic. When I'm not sharing my love for and knowledge of dogs, you can usually find me at the gym or the beach, living a healthy lifestyle.